About me v2.0

That’s version 2 of this About Me page, not a page about v2.0 of me, just so you know!
With that minor incursion on the brainwaves covered, I’ll get on with it. I won’t go for a full on life history of “born here, lived there, blah blah blah” but will skim over randomness.

I joined the horde of internet fledglings in the late 90’s & bought this domain ‘dubster.co.uk’ back in 1999 as Dubster was my web moniker at the time. Several eons later (in web terms) I’m simply Jay Dubster across the interweb. Thankfully dubster.co.uk is now being used by @RodAzlan as a fantastic dubstep site that’s keeping him pretty busy these days.

This site doesn’t get much in the way of updates to be honest, even my FB status only gets updated occasionally. It’s all laziness on my part too, as I have a smartphone so could do this shiznit anywhere, I just don’t have/make the time 🙁 Working for Wessex Water keeps me plenty busy, and I love being involved in our home village of Radstock, here in North Somerset (UK).

That’ll do merrily for now, thrice nonsensical and two steps backwards said he, move along the bus please.

Unto the Babylon we roam, among the fields and webstreams,
which was nice!

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