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  • Dubster mixtape 21-3-13

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    Getting Nowhere (ft. John Legend) – Magnetic Man
    Metropolis – EmalKay
    Riot powder – Caspa
    Fun house – The Others
    Light Up Ya Spliff – The Others
    Breathe – Delilah (Emalkay Dubstep mix)
    Anthemic – Magnetic Man
    Africa VIP – The Others
    Bad Taste – The Others
    Technophobia – The Others
    Fallout – The Others
    Fabrication – EmalKay
    Inside My Love – Delilah (Redlight)
    Feel It – The Others
    Stargate – The Others
    First Flight – The Others
    Showdown – The Others
    Tell Me Why (92 oldschool) – Rachel Wallace
    Go – The Others
    Everybody Do The Super Skank – The Others
    Flying Into Tokyo – Magnetic Man

    Download this mix here:

  • Why didn’t I hit RECORD !!! *grrrr*

    Oh Man! Just had the best little mixing session with Traktor and the DJ2GO, I’ve fetted with the mapping slightly to give me a triggering Cue button (vs toggle on or off) and worked out the effects a bit more.

    Here’s the rub, I did the whole playlist (below) with some ‘Freakin A’ mixing, great use of effects (gating and a few filters mostly) and I was sounding pretty damn good (if I say so myself)

    BUT I DIDN’Y RECORD THE BASTARD !!!!     *hrrumph*

    Basically to record a set I gotta faff about with the USB sound card to allow headphone monitoring and recording, and I didn’t this time cos it was [quote] “just a quick play” goddammit.

  • Ready. Set. Go….

    Took a while, but I’ve got a set list worked out.
    Includes Emalkay, Magnetic Man, The Others and even some Delilah albeit dubstep mixes 😀
    Quite a few tunes from The Others, as I’m loving their sound atm.

    So here’s my initial track list:

    Flying into Tokyo – Magnetic Man
    Fun House – The Others
    Everybody Do The Super Skank – The Others
    Breathe – Delilah (Emalkay mix)
    Anthemic – Magnetic Man
    Inside My Love – Delilah (VIP mix)
    Metropolis – Magnetic Man
    Africa (VIP) – The Others
    Technophobe – The Others
    Fallout – The Others
    Light Up Ya Spliff – The Others
    Fabrication – Emalkay
    Feel It – The Others
    Getting Nowhere – Magnetic Man
    Go – The Others
    First Flight – The Others (VIP mix)
    Red planet – The Others
    Stargate – The Others
    Showdown/Polaris – The Others

    Still a little tweaking to do on the soundcard before I can record a set with split headphone monitoring, but think I got it sussed now.

    Watch This Mixpace !!

  • Mix it up Fad Boy, part 3…

    Well, Traktor and a controller sure is the way forward.
    So much quicker to do stuff, line up, start & mix tracks. Me love it long time 😛

    Haven’t toyed with custom mapping the DJ2GO yet, but will have a go on my next session. I want hands-on access to bass filters, as they’re the main thing I adjust during a mix. Great to cut out bassline A when bassline B kicks off – avoids over loading and can freshen up a track. I’ll have a play with the 4 deck setup at some point, as some tunes just aren’t good enough on their own, but could supply their fat bassline to another track.

    Also joined MixCloud.com primarily to hear a old school ’92 set by Ed (Extrinsic), but have since discovered Joe Nice and a wealth of other peeps on there, plus tonnes of old school mix tapes. Plenty to make my ears go wobbly 😀

    Once I’ve put a decent dubstep set together I’ll record & upload to MixCloud.

  • Mix it up Fad Boy, part 2…

    Traktor 2.5 really is fantastic – manages perfect sync on almost all the dubstep I throw at it, but only counts half the BPM on DnB tracks which is annoying. Simple enough (if time consuming) to sort, although my brain needs a calculator to work out what 86.35 bpm is when doubled 🙂

    So, moving forward & keeping a super tight budget, I’m borrowing a super small Numark DJ2GO unit from a mate at work, plus a 4ch USB sound card. If it does the trick I’ll gladly part with the £20 he suggested !! He just doesn’t use it or anything similar these days, which is a bonus for me!

    Numark DJ2GO - compact DJ midi controller - click for large image
    Numark DJ2GO compact DJ midi controller – click for large image

    Reviews of these wee devices all pretty much love it [LINK] as a compact, clean controller.
    Despite the small size they’re apparently well built, good fun to use and interface neatly with Traktor, after a little midi-mapping of course!

    Talking of mapping, there’s a couple of options;

    Numark’s official map for Traktor 2.5 is here: https://www.numark.com/dj2go

    or a customised map with improved file browsing, control of effects & a bunch of other stuff is here: http://www.traktorbible.com/freaks/mappingview.aspx?id=427

    So, I’ll have a play this weekend, see how it all works and let y’all know!

    He-he – I say Y’ALL like anyone actually reads this crap, or even visits the page 😆
    Where in fact it’s simply a receptacle for any links & useful bits I find online when not at home.
    Still, it’s more fun than simply emailing the stuff to myself, like who’d be sad enough to do that? 😉

    IF I actually get this lot working, I might even record & upload a Dubstep – DnB set for a grin!

  • Mix it up Fad Boy !!

    Numark Mixtrack Pro – click for a looksy

    Welcome to this week’s episode of
    What’s Jay into Now?

    I’ve suddenly got the bug to start mixing again! Yup, about 4 years since I even touched a mixer & pair of decks, but Digital DJ’ing is actually pretty mature and usable now, where it used to be AWFUL. Traktor 2.5 on our Macbook Pro is fun to use, reliable, actually matches BPM’s on dubstep & DnB tracks, and is almost usable with mouse/keyboards!

    Numark Omni - click for a gander
    Numark Omni – click for a gander

    However, of course I’m looking at external DJ style midi controllers, as Mouse n Keys really aren’t hands-on.
    Numark Omni and Mixtrack Pro are my front runners, selling around £40-100 on ebay. The Omni looks sexy & well built, but is a tad old & sluggish apparently. The Mixtrack Pro is up-to-date, well rated & sounds pretty solid, it’s also more expensive of these 2.

    Either way, won’t be getting anything for a while, but watch this space 😀

    However, in a mild attempt to cover my cravings I’ve been trying practically every Android DJ app on my SGS3, but nothing really works. Although DJ Studio 4 is best of the bunch; Can load 2 MP3’s, setup playlists, adjust pitch and play simultaneously, it suffers from chronic lag and can only sync to the nearest whole BPM, not “142.5” or whatever, so nothing is ever in time for long 🙁

    All in all not very successful, and that’s the best of all I’ve tried – the others really were dire !!