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  • Why didn’t I hit RECORD !!! *grrrr*

    Oh Man! Just had the best little mixing session with Traktor and the DJ2GO, I’ve fetted with the mapping slightly to give me a triggering Cue button (vs toggle on or off) and worked out the effects a bit more.

    Here’s the rub, I did the whole playlist (below) with some ‘Freakin A’ mixing, great use of effects (gating and a few filters mostly) and I was sounding pretty damn good (if I say so myself)

    BUT I DIDN’Y RECORD THE BASTARD !!!!     *hrrumph*

    Basically to record a set I gotta faff about with the USB sound card to allow headphone monitoring and recording, and I didn’t this time cos it was [quote] “just a quick play” goddammit.

  • CyanogenMOD on Android ROCKS !!!

    Cyanogen 7 on my HTC Desire
    Cyanogen 7 on my HTC Desire

    It’s about a month since I rooted my Desire, installing a new rom instead of the stock HTC android OS. Cyanogen went on without any problems and just works. No dramas, looks & feels cool, totally tweakable & great for a serial fettler like me.

    I absolutely LOVE my phone again!

    Also been playing loads of “DragRacing” game (ad supported) lately, got me hooked far more than I ever thought it would.
    Current lick is a heavily tweaked & tuned Aston Martin One, with 1288bhp and 280HP Nitrous boost, running <>9 sec 1/4 miles and 13.4s 1/2 miles @ 227mph !! 😆

    Yes I know it’s not real, but it’s certainly fun & interesting. Busy earning enough to buy the next level up, either Veyron SS or SSC1, both (in standard trim) are similar power to my AM One, but lighter, and I’m sure with some upgrades they’ll really fly!

    All good fun 😀

  • Want to ‘root’ my phone

    Been considering it a while, and figure it’s about time. My HTC desire’s great, but has so much pre-installed crap that I neither use nor want, all wasting space & battery life for no purpose.
    Seems that putting a non-standard version of Android on there (ie not Vodaphone/O2/etc) allows lots of customising and you can add only the programs you want to use. All this can make the phone quicker, battery last longer, and entire thing feel less crowded. Would also let me get some of the cool bits from the current Gingerbread OS, which is nice.

    A couple of guys at work have recently done their HTC’s, so will have a gas & see if it’s worth the time n effort.

    Actually, think I’ll take a walk and do that now 🙂

  • Gettin prep’d for the odd weekend

    Final prep’s happnin here, goona leave work early today, to get bag & car all packed & ready to fly. Leaving work at 6am in the morning, with hope to reach Fort William by 6pm.

    So grabbing sleeping bag, thermal tops n bottoms, boots for a wander around Scafell and Nevis areas. Will of course take my HTC phone & update/fettle with this damn blog n facebook while at each site, IF we get signal that is 🙂

    Otherwise it’ll be ipod and magazine’s that’ll keep me sane, and maybe try working out the best road route to next mountain.

    All your base are belong to us.