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  • Ready. Set. Go….

    Took a while, but I’ve got a set list worked out.
    Includes Emalkay, Magnetic Man, The Others and even some Delilah albeit dubstep mixes 😀
    Quite a few tunes from The Others, as I’m loving their sound atm.

    So here’s my initial track list:

    Flying into Tokyo – Magnetic Man
    Fun House – The Others
    Everybody Do The Super Skank – The Others
    Breathe – Delilah (Emalkay mix)
    Anthemic – Magnetic Man
    Inside My Love – Delilah (VIP mix)
    Metropolis – Magnetic Man
    Africa (VIP) – The Others
    Technophobe – The Others
    Fallout – The Others
    Light Up Ya Spliff – The Others
    Fabrication – Emalkay
    Feel It – The Others
    Getting Nowhere – Magnetic Man
    Go – The Others
    First Flight – The Others (VIP mix)
    Red planet – The Others
    Stargate – The Others
    Showdown/Polaris – The Others

    Still a little tweaking to do on the soundcard before I can record a set with split headphone monitoring, but think I got it sussed now.

    Watch This Mixpace !!