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  • Want to ‘root’ my phone

    Been considering it a while, and figure it’s about time. My HTC desire’s great, but has so much pre-installed crap that I neither use nor want, all wasting space & battery life for no purpose.
    Seems that putting a non-standard version of Android on there (ie not Vodaphone/O2/etc) allows lots of customising and you can add only the programs you want to use. All this can make the phone quicker, battery last longer, and entire thing feel less crowded. Would also let me get some of the cool bits from the current Gingerbread OS, which is nice.

    A couple of guys at work have recently done their HTC’s, so will have a gas & see if it’s worth the time n effort.

    Actually, think I’ll take a walk and do that now 🙂

  • Added an About Me page

    Obvious next step really, just gotta add some photo’s n more info really, without too much dross this time!

    So far liking this whole WordPress thing, smooth, clean and easy, wish I’d got on the boat many moons ago tbh.

    Seriously need a fine looking, feature-packed theme though, it looks far too standard for my tastes atm 🙁

    === edit 16th June ===
    Happy with the theme now, Mantra was one of the first I DL’d but felt a bit dull. Now I’ve added a natty background, fettled with the fonts, links & colours I’m rather happy with the outcome.

  • Apparently this android app doesn’t resize images!

    Took ages to upload the image (prev post), so figure it didn’t resize locally. Not very useful, maybe there’s a setting to fix it…

    == edit ==
    Seems WP has resized it to suit, giving a good size image at only 72kb!
    Would be better still if the app resized & uploaded the thumbnail, but will have to look into that further. All seems good though. Does seem to automatically insert thumb & link to the large image though, which is rather natty 🙂