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  • New Theme installed and running…

    Raindrops WP theme
    Raindrops WP theme

    Decided to find and run a new theme, as Arjuna wasn’t quite working.

    So as of Jan 2013 we’re running the Raindrops theme, along with Tilting Tags and Pinterest widgets on either side of the content panel.

    Lookin pretty fly methinks. Stayed with the same abstract background as I still really like it, and cropped a section from that BG image as the site header.

    All in all, I’m a happy chappy 😀

  • … found what I’m looking for …

    in a lovely new WordPress theme named “Arjuna” – highly customisable, numerous panels on either side, and plenty o space for WP widgets.

    Installed it over the weekend and after a bit of fettling it’s gone live today, here’s a screen-shot in case I change it again in 6 months 🙂

    jay.dubster WP site July 2012
    jay.dubster WP site July 2012
    using Arjuna theme

    I’m still messing with Pinterest, it’s a cool take on social media really, sourcing good or unusual content from the internet, rather than just writing gumph.
    On the side of this website you’ll see a group of thumbnails, that’s my most recent ‘Pins’ (additions to Pinterest) basically. Very neat & tidy methinks.

    Aside from that and working on our garden, there’s not much to report at present 🙁