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  • Next generation Kia Pro_Ceed

    There’s a lotta hype around the next pro_ceed right now.
    I absolutely love the current (2008 – 2012) pro_ceed but think the next one looks like they didn’t bother redesigning & just removed 2 doors from the 5 door *sobs*

    Also, my main bug bear with the current pro was the rear visibility was pretty bad, but the new one is bloody ridiculous!

    2013 KIA Pro_Cee’d – rear view from front seat.
    Think they followed Lamborghini’s thinking on this one 🙂


  • A Right Cracker, to a Write-Off in one fell swoop

    Kia pro_ceed
    Our lovely car before getting ruined.

    I’m incredibly sad to report that our beautiful car is now dead.

    Last Friday (26th Oct 2012) on a sunny lunch time drive home from work, a big Skoda pulled out on me, wiping out the side of my (previously gorgeous) 2 year old KIA pro_ceed, and dumping me and car into a small piece of woodland!

    Car has since been evaluated for repair, coming in at well over £5000, so the insurance co have decided it’s beyond economical repair and written off our lovely car!

    Real crapper being, we’re lost all financial investment in the car, the insurance payout will barely cover the remaining finance, so we’re left with bugger all to buy a replacement!

    You’d think that, as the other party immediately phone his insurance co & took full liability, that LV (my insurance co) would act on my behalf to sort me out with a replacement, or do their best to repair my 2 year old clean car. But no, nothing of the sort, they’re simply trying to fob me off with as little payout as possible, while probably getting as much as they can outta the other company, for themselves of course. Then you can practically guarantee that my premiums will go up next year, even though I could not have avoided the old guy if I’d been a ninja racing driver that day.

    So, pretty f***ed off at the moment, looks like I’ll be driving an old shed for the next 2 years while we get ourselves sorted again.