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  • Urban Dictionary: Dubster :)

    Just happened across this & had to smile. I ROCK – apparently !!
    There’s more definitions, but these 2 are the best 🙂

    1. Dubster 41 up, 27 down

    All round good guy. Intelligent, Handsome, Wonderful.

    Wow, he’s a real Dubster of a guy.

    2. Dubster 6 up, 1 down

    One who feels the need to be pretentious in regards to dubstep and other forms of EDM. May be accompanies by grunts of “They were awesome before they went mainstream” and “Dude, the remix is so much better.”

    “deadmua5 was awesome before everyone knew about him. Now he sucks.””Dude, stop being such a fucking dubster.”

    and oddly:

    5. Dubster 11 up, 30 down

    A former nice guy. Now turned to the horrible world of cocaine and poor movies starring Vin Diesel.

    His life has gone down hill in the past two years. He’s a proper Dubster now.

    via Urban Dictionary: Dubster.