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  • … found what I’m looking for …

    in a lovely new WordPress theme named “Arjuna” – highly customisable, numerous panels on either side, and plenty o space for WP widgets.

    Installed it over the weekend and after a bit of fettling it’s gone live today, here’s a screen-shot in case I change it again in 6 months 🙂

    jay.dubster WP site July 2012
    jay.dubster WP site July 2012
    using Arjuna theme

    I’m still messing with Pinterest, it’s a cool take on social media really, sourcing good or unusual content from the internet, rather than just writing gumph.
    On the side of this website you’ll see a group of thumbnails, that’s my most recent ‘Pins’ (additions to Pinterest) basically. Very neat & tidy methinks.

    Aside from that and working on our garden, there’s not much to report at present 🙁

  • Gettin prep’d for the odd weekend

    Final prep’s happnin here, goona leave work early today, to get bag & car all packed & ready to fly. Leaving work at 6am in the morning, with hope to reach Fort William by 6pm.

    So grabbing sleeping bag, thermal tops n bottoms, boots for a wander around Scafell and Nevis areas. Will of course take my HTC phone & update/fettle with this damn blog n facebook while at each site, IF we get signal that is 🙂

    Otherwise it’ll be ipod and magazine’s that’ll keep me sane, and maybe try working out the best road route to next mountain.

    All your base are belong to us.

  • Pyjama Weekend!

    Saturday’s ‘Pyjama Day’ got stuck on repeat today, with Cheryl still feeling the effects of her buggered upper back/shoulder combo. So a day indoors relaxing & watching more films seemed like a good move.

    PAUL (Simon Pegg, Nick Frost) was great fun, entertaining & well made, gotta love it!
    The Fighter (Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale) was good, annoying at times as their family were such (albeit well acted) bad people, but it really came together at the end. It’s based on true story & people too, which made it all the more watchable.

    We even managed to eat well having made a great curry yesterday, just to eat on this evening 🙂

  • 3 Peaks – more details on tap…

    Got more of an idea about next weekend’s adventure, thought I’d share it…

    Myself and ‘Ray’ will do all the driving, covering about 1500 miles in the mini bus, with a team of 6 guys doing all the walking/climbing.

    We leave Rochester early on Friday morning, heading for a YHA near the Nevis range, hope to go for a big Pasta fuel up before bed 🙂

    We’ll get up at dawn’s crack Saturday for the guys to climb Ben Nevis at 6am, once they’re off I’ll head out on the bike to do Fort William’s XC loops for a few hours, which should be great. I’ve never ridden in Scotland, so that’s a tick in the box.

    They should return about 11am when we’ll drive to Cumbria as fast as the minibus let’s us, with luck they’ll start Scafell Pike about 3-4pm. If I’m up to it, I’ll go for another ride, as it’ll be 4-5 hours before they’re back again.

    Hopefull they’ll have no issues & we should leave for Snowdonia about 8-9pm Saturday, so they’ll start up Snowdon around 2am for another 4-5 hour slog finishing about 6am the following day. We’ll try n sleep while they climb Snowdon, as it’ll be a quick blast home as soon as they get back.

    Might book the Monday off actually 🙂

  • 3 Peaks Challenge, from a different angle…

    Logo for BAE Systems 3 Peaks Challenge
    BAE Systems 3 Peaks Challenge

    I’ve been roped into driving a team to Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon next weekend,
    for their “3 peaks in 24 hours” challenge 🙂

    I’m considering taking the bike, as I’ll have about 5 hours to kill at each venue. However I will need to sleep while they’re clambering about, and I can’t risk damaging myself as I gotta drive them around & home.

    The team will walk about 25 miles in 24 hours, but there’s a 10,000 vertical feet to climb & descend. This ain’t no walk in the park son!