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  • Mix it up Fad Boy, part 2…

    Traktor 2.5 really is fantastic – manages perfect sync on almost all the dubstep I throw at it, but only counts half the BPM on DnB tracks which is annoying. Simple enough (if time consuming) to sort, although my brain needs a calculator to work out what 86.35 bpm is when doubled 🙂

    So, moving forward & keeping a super tight budget, I’m borrowing a super small Numark DJ2GO unit from a mate at work, plus a 4ch USB sound card. If it does the trick I’ll gladly part with the £20 he suggested !! He just doesn’t use it or anything similar these days, which is a bonus for me!

    Numark DJ2GO - compact DJ midi controller - click for large image
    Numark DJ2GO compact DJ midi controller – click for large image

    Reviews of these wee devices all pretty much love it [LINK] as a compact, clean controller.
    Despite the small size they’re apparently well built, good fun to use and interface neatly with Traktor, after a little midi-mapping of course!

    Talking of mapping, there’s a couple of options;

    Numark’s official map for Traktor 2.5 is here: https://www.numark.com/dj2go

    or a customised map with improved file browsing, control of effects & a bunch of other stuff is here: http://www.traktorbible.com/freaks/mappingview.aspx?id=427

    So, I’ll have a play this weekend, see how it all works and let y’all know!

    He-he – I say Y’ALL like anyone actually reads this crap, or even visits the page 😆
    Where in fact it’s simply a receptacle for any links & useful bits I find online when not at home.
    Still, it’s more fun than simply emailing the stuff to myself, like who’d be sad enough to do that? 😉

    IF I actually get this lot working, I might even record & upload a Dubstep – DnB set for a grin!

  • Biking with uDare this arvo

    Bedgebury & Bluebells
    Bedgebury & Bluebells, Spring 2011

    Meeting Wayne after work for a mad bike session near home.

    The question is, do we hit Bedgebury as usual or some local trails?
    Bedge is always worth a punt, and is a great place to hack about, but trails maybe more interesting, if more disjointed.

    I’ve packed the head cam for the ride & hope to get some cool footage tonight.

  • Want to ‘root’ my phone

    Been considering it a while, and figure it’s about time. My HTC desire’s great, but has so much pre-installed crap that I neither use nor want, all wasting space & battery life for no purpose.
    Seems that putting a non-standard version of Android on there (ie not Vodaphone/O2/etc) allows lots of customising and you can add only the programs you want to use. All this can make the phone quicker, battery last longer, and entire thing feel less crowded. Would also let me get some of the cool bits from the current Gingerbread OS, which is nice.

    A couple of guys at work have recently done their HTC’s, so will have a gas & see if it’s worth the time n effort.

    Actually, think I’ll take a walk and do that now 🙂

  • Busy day at the office…

    It’s about that time for half year ‘all hands’ briefings at work today.
    4 sessions of <>350 folk, me sat in the control box fettling with the mic levels to avoid feedback & hoping everyone can actually hear the boss man!

    On a personal thing, I’m off to Mum’s tonight to setup her new PC, c/w new modem n stuff, which is nice. Staying over to save the long journey home & back to work in the morning, which is cool. Will miss Cheryl and the kittys though, sure the bed’ll feel huge n empty.

    Web wise, I’ve setup a Buddypress site for a friend’s adventure business, something for them to mess with & see if it’ll cover their needs. I’ve also added the “Jetpack” plugin to my own wordpress site (this one), giving live tweet feed widgets, live site stats, and post proof-read / spell-check stuff, among other cool things!

    On that note I’ve actually setup Twitter on my HTC desire and will have a play with that forra bit.
    In case it’s useful for him, I’ve added Rod’s tweets to my home page too, as he’s got loads going on so is always good to follow 🙂

    Peace out all…


  • Gettin prep’d for the odd weekend

    Final prep’s happnin here, goona leave work early today, to get bag & car all packed & ready to fly. Leaving work at 6am in the morning, with hope to reach Fort William by 6pm.

    So grabbing sleeping bag, thermal tops n bottoms, boots for a wander around Scafell and Nevis areas. Will of course take my HTC phone & update/fettle with this damn blog n facebook while at each site, IF we get signal that is 🙂

    Otherwise it’ll be ipod and magazine’s that’ll keep me sane, and maybe try working out the best road route to next mountain.

    All your base are belong to us.

  • Lazing on a saturday afternoon…

    Had a good old fashioned Pyjama Day yesterday, stayed in watching TV and a couple of films; True Grit (2010 – excellent story & well filmed) – Transformers 2 (shite, gave up 20 mins in). Think we both needed the rest tbh, it’s been a manic week at work, and Cheryl has done some damage to her neck/shoulder which is still incredibly painful, bless her.
    Milo & Saffi had a chillax day indoors too, so we got lots of snuggles. That’s possibly more due to the heavy rain than anything though 🙂

  • Drinking with the yanks

    Had a couple of ex team mates from Johnson City at work this week, so went out for a beer with em after work yesterday. Maidstone seemed like an obvious choice, but actually there’s no decent pubs open during the day! Ended up in bloody Wetherspoons, which is nice enough & good range of beers, etc, But they’re so damn prolific these days, Ted’s been in 5 different wetherspoons all over the UK since landing a week ago 🙁

    However, was great to have a drink n catch up with the guys, chat about cars, life, work, and anything else that came to mind. Walked them back to Zizzi’s before heading to meet Cheryl in Tunbridge Wells. Ended up going for an indian in The Spice restaurant, which was bloomin lovely again. Def our fave indian in TW, though Masala in the Pantiles looks & feels nicer, the food’s not quite as good as The Spice.