3 Peaks, the aftermath …

Wowsers, that was some challenge!!

We drove 1440 miles in 3 days; the guys walking did over 60,000 steps in the 32 hours it took to complete Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Mount Snowdon; I had zero sleep between 4am Saturday & 1am Monday. Not the best possible state to be in when driving a long wheelbase minibus full of 8 people & loads of kit, but it worked & we all survived intact & undamaged 🙂

Hard as the driving was I think myself & Ray had the better deal to be honest; Saturday night was pure mental, driving away from Wasdale Head (Scafell) around 2am in thick fog & the black of night, and sunday night’s 7 hour slog from Snowdon to home was totally messed up for us both, but the guys walking had a hell of a time…

Negotiating Scafell Pike in dark & fog was incredibly dangerous, slippery & sketchy, only 2 of our 6 guys made the summit, taking 6 hours in total. It still took the other guys 4 hours to go half way up & back, 45 min’s of that was just finding our car park in the fog 😥

I took a 20 minute hike up the path around 1am to see if I could guide anyone down (and to give my Hope Vision 2 bike light a test above the cloud line :)), and that was manic enough, a soaking wet, off camber, rock strewn grassy hill side.

We tested lots of motorway services, ate more MacD’s in a 3 days than I’d normally eat in 5 years, and we all kept in good spirits throughout.

Was a big achievement for everyone in the team, whether they made all 3 summits, or simply drove to them.

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