Busy day at the office…

It’s about that time for half year ‘all hands’ briefings at work today.
4 sessions of <>350 folk, me sat in the control box fettling with the mic levels to avoid feedback & hoping everyone can actually hear the boss man!

On a personal thing, I’m off to Mum’s tonight to setup her new PC, c/w new modem n stuff, which is nice. Staying over to save the long journey home & back to work in the morning, which is cool. Will miss Cheryl and the kittys though, sure the bed’ll feel huge n empty.

Web wise, I’ve setup a Buddypress site for a friend’s adventure business, something for them to mess with & see if it’ll cover their needs. I’ve also added the “Jetpack” plugin to my own wordpress site (this one), giving live tweet feed widgets, live site stats, and post proof-read / spell-check stuff, among other cool things!

On that note I’ve actually setup Twitter on my HTC desire and will have a play with that forra bit.
In case it’s useful for him, I’ve added Rod’s tweets to my home page too, as he’s got loads going on so is always good to follow 🙂

Peace out all…


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