Great session at Bedgebury last night…

Bedgers was a goodun last evening, trails were decent, few puddles but nothing big, and I’m glad to report they’ve finally opened the “swoopy” section that’s been closed all year!

I wore the head cam throughout, often facing backwards with Wayne hacking thru the trails n trees behind, and we got some reasonable footage this time 🙂
No major mechanicals, though Wayne’s rear had a slow puncture which needed a few top-ups, and he suffered cronic chain-suck at one point, which took some dislodging!

Was passed by Steve & Malcolm from Wadhurst Vauxhall, on a mission by the looks of em, and had a good gas with 2 fellas towards the end, one on a 1999 Klien Attitude, just like Suzz’s but bigger, and with the original suspension forks! *shock horror*

All in all a great session though, good to get some high speed footage on some trails, just wish the light was a bit better throughout.

Will post a clips video soon.

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