Car crash TV?

Jeezus H Corbett, watched the 1st episode of the new Big Brother last night, oh sorry ‘Celebrity’ big brother.

So I guess Tara Reid was a celebrity when American Pie movies were good, but what about the the rest of em?
Apart form sadly recognising Kerry (iceland cocaine slapper) and Jedward (don’t get me started), I didn’t recognise a single soul’less freak in the place!

When they said there was a twist to come later in the show, I was honestly hoping for a large explosion, taking out not only the housemates but the entire production team & especially the dronkeys that figured there was still some life in that old dog. Clearly this should’ve been buried deep under the sea, along side jedwards parents for spawning that freakshow, and a large amount of enriched plutonium just for good measure.

Oh wait, disregard the plutonium thing, I’ve read comic books, I really don’t want to see the result of that bunch of freaks all hopped up on radiation! *scared*

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