… found what I’m looking for …

in a lovely new WordPress theme named “Arjuna” – highly customisable, numerous panels on either side, and plenty o space for WP widgets.

Installed it over the weekend and after a bit of fettling it’s gone live today, here’s a screen-shot in case I change it again in 6 months 🙂

jay.dubster WP site July 2012
jay.dubster WP site July 2012
using Arjuna theme

I’m still messing with Pinterest, it’s a cool take on social media really, sourcing good or unusual content from the internet, rather than just writing gumph.
On the side of this website you’ll see a group of thumbnails, that’s my most recent ‘Pins’ (additions to Pinterest) basically. Very neat & tidy methinks.

Aside from that and working on our garden, there’s not much to report at present 🙁

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