Mix it up Fad Boy !!

Numark Mixtrack Pro – click for a looksy

Welcome to this week’s episode of
What’s Jay into Now?

I’ve suddenly got the bug to start mixing again! Yup, about 4 years since I even touched a mixer & pair of decks, but Digital DJ’ing is actually pretty mature and usable now, where it used to be AWFUL. Traktor 2.5 on our Macbook Pro is fun to use, reliable, actually matches BPM’s on dubstep & DnB tracks, and is almost usable with mouse/keyboards!

Numark Omni - click for a gander
Numark Omni – click for a gander

However, of course I’m looking at external DJ style midi controllers, as Mouse n Keys really aren’t hands-on.
Numark Omni and Mixtrack Pro are my front runners, selling around £40-100 on ebay. The Omni looks sexy & well built, but is a tad old & sluggish apparently. The Mixtrack Pro is up-to-date, well rated & sounds pretty solid, it’s also more expensive of these 2.

Either way, won’t be getting anything for a while, but watch this space 😀

However, in a mild attempt to cover my cravings I’ve been trying practically every Android DJ app on my SGS3, but nothing really works. Although DJ Studio 4 is best of the bunch; Can load 2 MP3’s, setup playlists, adjust pitch and play simultaneously, it suffers from chronic lag and can only sync to the nearest whole BPM, not “142.5” or whatever, so nothing is ever in time for long 🙁

All in all not very successful, and that’s the best of all I’ve tried – the others really were dire !!

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