Mix it up Fad Boy, part 3…

Well, Traktor and a controller sure is the way forward.
So much quicker to do stuff, line up, start & mix tracks. Me love it long time 😛

Haven’t toyed with custom mapping the DJ2GO yet, but will have a go on my next session. I want hands-on access to bass filters, as they’re the main thing I adjust during a mix. Great to cut out bassline A when bassline B kicks off – avoids over loading and can freshen up a track. I’ll have a play with the 4 deck setup at some point, as some tunes just aren’t good enough on their own, but could supply their fat bassline to another track.

Also joined MixCloud.com primarily to hear a old school ’92 set by Ed (Extrinsic), but have since discovered Joe Nice and a wealth of other peeps on there, plus tonnes of old school mix tapes. Plenty to make my ears go wobbly 😀

Once I’ve put a decent dubstep set together I’ll record & upload to MixCloud.

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