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  • A Right Cracker, to a Write-Off in one fell swoop

    Kia pro_ceed
    Our lovely car before getting ruined.

    I’m incredibly sad to report that our beautiful car is now dead.

    Last Friday (26th Oct 2012) on a sunny lunch time drive home from work, a big Skoda pulled out on me, wiping out the side of my (previously gorgeous) 2 year old KIA pro_ceed, and dumping me and car into a small piece of woodland!

    Car has since been evaluated for repair, coming in at well over £5000, so the insurance co have decided it’s beyond economical repair and written off our lovely car!

    Real crapper being, we’re lost all financial investment in the car, the insurance payout will barely cover the remaining finance, so we’re left with bugger all to buy a replacement!

    You’d think that, as the other party immediately phone his insurance co & took full liability, that LV (my insurance co) would act on my behalf to sort me out with a replacement, or do their best to repair my 2 year old clean car. But no, nothing of the sort, they’re simply trying to fob me off with as little payout as possible, while probably getting as much as they can outta the other company, for themselves of course. Then you can practically guarantee that my premiums will go up next year, even though I could not have avoided the old guy if I’d been a ninja racing driver that day.

    So, pretty f***ed off at the moment, looks like I’ll be driving an old shed for the next 2 years while we get ourselves sorted again.

  • 3 Peaks, the aftermath …

    Wowsers, that was some challenge!!

    We drove 1440 miles in 3 days; the guys walking did over 60,000 steps in the 32 hours it took to complete Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Mount Snowdon; I had zero sleep between 4am Saturday & 1am Monday. Not the best possible state to be in when driving a long wheelbase minibus full of 8 people & loads of kit, but it worked & we all survived intact & undamaged 🙂

    Hard as the driving was I think myself & Ray had the better deal to be honest; Saturday night was pure mental, driving away from Wasdale Head (Scafell) around 2am in thick fog & the black of night, and sunday night’s 7 hour slog from Snowdon to home was totally messed up for us both, but the guys walking had a hell of a time…

    Negotiating Scafell Pike in dark & fog was incredibly dangerous, slippery & sketchy, only 2 of our 6 guys made the summit, taking 6 hours in total. It still took the other guys 4 hours to go half way up & back, 45 min’s of that was just finding our car park in the fog 😥

    I took a 20 minute hike up the path around 1am to see if I could guide anyone down (and to give my Hope Vision 2 bike light a test above the cloud line :)), and that was manic enough, a soaking wet, off camber, rock strewn grassy hill side.

    We tested lots of motorway services, ate more MacD’s in a 3 days than I’d normally eat in 5 years, and we all kept in good spirits throughout.

    Was a big achievement for everyone in the team, whether they made all 3 summits, or simply drove to them.

  • 3 Peaks – more details on tap…

    Got more of an idea about next weekend’s adventure, thought I’d share it…

    Myself and ‘Ray’ will do all the driving, covering about 1500 miles in the mini bus, with a team of 6 guys doing all the walking/climbing.

    We leave Rochester early on Friday morning, heading for a YHA near the Nevis range, hope to go for a big Pasta fuel up before bed 🙂

    We’ll get up at dawn’s crack Saturday for the guys to climb Ben Nevis at 6am, once they’re off I’ll head out on the bike to do Fort William’s XC loops for a few hours, which should be great. I’ve never ridden in Scotland, so that’s a tick in the box.

    They should return about 11am when we’ll drive to Cumbria as fast as the minibus let’s us, with luck they’ll start Scafell Pike about 3-4pm. If I’m up to it, I’ll go for another ride, as it’ll be 4-5 hours before they’re back again.

    Hopefull they’ll have no issues & we should leave for Snowdonia about 8-9pm Saturday, so they’ll start up Snowdon around 2am for another 4-5 hour slog finishing about 6am the following day. We’ll try n sleep while they climb Snowdon, as it’ll be a quick blast home as soon as they get back.

    Might book the Monday off actually 🙂